Effective and Inclusive Meetings for everyone

Running effective meetings is hard. Equal Time makes it easy.  Give everyone a chance to speak, reduce wasted time, and level up leadership.  Backed by world-leading conversational dynamics experts and AI technologists. 

  • Make meetings more effective and fun
  • Improve team psychological safety
  • Unprecedented insights 
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The Equal Time Virtual Meeting plugin enables you to 

  • Measure speaking time by participant in virtual meetings
  • Track interruptions and monologues
  • Get insights by gender 

Measure differences by gender in individual meetings, and across your organization. 

View your data over time in your Equalicert dashboard to enrich your understanding of your organization. 



  Understand how you can improve your meetings and track change as you lay the foundation for an inclusive culture

 Learn applicable inclusion suggestions that you can implement today

 Involve your team members to gain awareness and buy-in



✔ Include everyone at home and in the office 

✔ Take turns speaking and share the floor 

✔ Get real-time prompts to improve


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Why use Equal Time? 

Increase Self-Awareness  

Employees will identify patterns in their interactions. Weekly insights and meeting real-time feedback help 

Improve Your Workplace Culture 

Improve interactions among employees with intelligent coaching. Subtle and private, the nudges are helpful for driving real change. 

Coach your people

Give your team a secret weapon: self-awareness. Ensure that all meetings are respectful and inclusive. Provide guidelines for appropriate turn-taking.

Make Visible Change 

Share your company's DEI story with data and visuals. Make DEI efforts real and visible for all employees on a daily basis.

Measure Inclusion for your DEI Strategy 

Equal Time helps your C-level, HR, and DEI functions measure and track day-to-day inclusion. 

Retain Employees 

Create a culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging. Watch your employee churn decrease.


"This was the tool I was waiting for. It has been helpful for both internal and external meetings and has really shed light on the dynamics of these conversations. Very useful!"



"This extension helps me to track which voices take up a little too much "air time" during meetings with my staff. It helps build inclusivity, and it allows me to track who does not speak up as much during Google Meetings." 


Haverford School

"Wow! What a useful app. I always thought I was making space for my female colleagues, and this app was very enlightening in showing me that I could do more. I expect our productivity and collaboration will certainly increase!" 

Director of Business Development



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