A Voice for the Voiceless

Introducing the AI Meeting Assistant that promotes inclusivity at your company, school, or organization.

Available on Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams

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Lead equitable meetings with monitored speaking time

Ensuring equal engagement among virtual meeting participants is a difficult task. Delivering your lesson plan or presentation, while ensuring every participant has a fair chance to participate, is a superhuman feat.

Use Equal Time to get an instant, real-time view on who has spoken, for how long, and who you still need to hear from.

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Remain inclusive with automated attendance

Diverse teams need inclusive environments to thrive. Measure and improve day-to-day inclusion, without expensive mediation or unknown bias.

Our unbiased, AI-technology automatically joins your virtual meeting, takes attendance, and provides a breakdown of exactly when each person joined and left.

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Promote diversity by understanding team behavior

Making your employees feel heard is one of the best ways to show them that they are valued and increase the chance that they will stay at your company. You have worked hard to recruit, onboard and train them. Ensure they feel welcome and stay at your organization. 

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Spend more time leading, and less time note taking

Even the most effective meetings can lose their impact if the team doesn't follow through on the topics discussed. However, note taking and task assigning often (unfairly) gets placed on a woman's shoulders.

Our AI-generated meeting notes deliver transcripts, summaries, analysis of topics discussed, and action items, all via email the moment your meeting ends.

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Reduce interruptions, mansplaining, and overtalkers

People tend to disengage most when they do not feel listened to, are interrupted frequently, and have their ideas misattributed to others. Creating a culture where voices are listened to will increase retention all-around.

The Equal Time all will detect long monologues, key themes or phrases, and even pick up on the subtlest forms of bias.

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See it in Action

Watch this 2-minute demo to see how easy it is to get started using Equal Time

Who It's For

DEI Leaders

Keep inclusion top-of-mind for employees and reduce the risk of exclusionary behaviors.

Corporate Managers

Delegate responsibly and run more effective team meetings that always end of time.

Teachers & Professors

Track student attendance, participation, and know when to call on quieter students.

Coaches & Counselors

Moderate discussions equitably and ensure clients are adequately participating in the required process.

HR & Recruiters

Ensure equity in hiring and assist in employee retention by keeping them engaged and satisfied.

Engineering Teams

Ensure all voices are heard in daily standups and product meetings.

Security and Compliance

Depend on the Highest Standards of Privacy and Security

Equal Time takes your privacy and security seriously. We are proud to use the highest standards of security and privacy in our software development practices and data storage.


Hear from our satisfied users

This app is changing people's lives, everyday. 

"This was the tool I was waiting for. It has been helpful for both internal and external meetings and has really shed light on the dynamics of these conversations. Very useful!"



"This extension helps me to track which voices take up a little too much "air time" during class discussions. It helps build inclusivity, and it allows me to track who does not speak up as much during Google Meetings." 


Haverford School

"Wow! What a useful app. I always thought I was making space for my female colleagues, and this app was very enlightening in showing me that I could do more. I expect our productivity and collaboration will certainly increase!" 

Director of Business Development


Your 30-day free trial awaits!

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