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Never think about taking attendance again

Instead of taking attendance manually, let us do it for you. Review and export your attendance data for every event and meeting. View lateness, speaking time percentages, monologue counts, and more. 

Engage remote participants in real time

We get it. Engaging remote students and event participants over Zoom is hard! Delivering your lesson plan or presentation, while ensuring every participant has a fair chance to ask questions is a superhuman feat.

Use Equal Time to get an instant, real-time view on who has spoken, for how long, and who you still need to call on.



Review trends in participation over time

Look back to see participation over time. View speaking time percentage over time for every person on your calls. Filter by specific meeting tag. Identify trends in engagement that you need to take action on.


Ask for feedback on your meetings 

Ask your participants how they found the meeting, and if they felt safe to speak their mind. 

The #1 most important factor Google found to predict team performance was psychological safety. Ask for feedback and incorporate the learnings into your future meetings.



Elicit the best ideas

Your best ideas may be hiding in your introvert team members' brains. Creating a safe environment and intentionally seeking out their ideas to elicit the best input an diverse perspectives will make your team stronger. 

Equal Time works by increasing self-awareness in meetings, and allowing teams to focus on achieving a truly inclusive team environment that gives everyone a chance to thrive. 


Get tips on how to improve

Get specific ideas and guidance for how to manage your meetings, classes, and webinars better. Learn from the best presenters, educators, and meeting hosts. 

View the estimated cost of your meeting, and time due to late participants.  

View the overall cost of the meeting (for internal team meetings) 


Interrupt mansplaining, and over-talkers

Employees tend to leave companies where they do not feel listened to, are interrupted frequently, and have their ideas misattributed to others. (LeanIn 2022)

Creating a culture where voices are listened to will increase the chance of retaining women (and all your employees). 

Deploy Equal Time as an important part of a comprehensive strategy to improve equity in the workplace.

Equal Time helps you run better meetings. Period. 

Rock your webinars, online events, and classes with your trusty Equal Time sidekick. 

Zero set up time   

It's as easy as enabling a zoom app. No training required to start getting passive insights and help.

Track who has spoken 

Real-time Zoom feedback helps teammates identify what is happening in that meeting to  self-correct and improve listening skills. 

Reduce bias  

Diverse teams need inclusive environments to thrive. Equal Time measures and improves day-to-day inclusion. 

Improve Culture  

Create a culture where all employees understand that their opinion matters. Increase employee retention. 

Take attendance

Don't take up precious time in your meeting writing who is present. 

Privacy-First Compliance

We abide by all local and international laws to protect the privacy of your meetings. 


"I've found that men are surprised when you show them [data] of themselves interrupting or talking over other people, especially women, they're just not aware until you bring it to their attention. And once you do, they recognize it and want to get better." (Carnegie Mellon, Joanna Wolfe)


"This was the tool I was waiting for. It has been helpful for both internal and external meetings and has really shed light on the dynamics of these conversations. Very useful!"



"This extension helps me to track which voices take up a little too much "air time" during class discussions. It helps build inclusivity, and it allows me to track who does not speak up as much during Google Meetings." 


Haverford School

"Wow! What a useful app. I always thought I was making space for my female colleagues, and this app was very enlightening in showing me that I could do more. I expect our productivity and collaboration will certainly increase!" 

Director of Business Development


Developed in collaboration with researchers from Harvard Business School, AI technologists from Stanford, and the Chief Diversity Officer of Nike. 


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