Bring Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging to the next level 

AI-coaching and analytics for virtual meetings. 

  • Take action on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the flow of work
  • Get actionable recommendations to improve psychological safety
  • Engage all employees, increase creativity and productivity

Developed in collaboration with researchers from Harvard Business School, AI technologists from Stanford, and the Chief Diversity Officer of Nike. 

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AI-virtual meeting coaching for teams and managers

  • Measure the speaking time of participants in virtual meetings
  • Track interruptions and monologues
  • Get insights on inclusion by gender, ethnicity, seniority, location, and more 

Measure differences in participation in your organization. The results which may surprise you! 

Try for free by installing in your Google Meet and Zoom instance. Get in touch with to learn more and set up a trial.



We believe measurement is crucial to achieving results

Just as business leaders set goals for revenue, costs, and sales, so too should leaders set targets for diversity AND inclusion.  

  • How much are underrepresented employees speaking in meetings? 
  • Are some employees interrupted chronically more than others?  
  • Are you promoting and reinforcing inclusive managers?
  • What behavior is encouraged and exhibited by leaders?
  • Move past "hunches" .... and get real data
  • Make ROI-driven arguments to invest in DEI
  • Show improvement over time as your programs and policies take effect 

Find out with Equal Time.

We believe diversity without inclusion is meaningless

A McKinsey report shows that organizations with diverse leaders are 35% more likely to have higher financial returns, and unquestionably this is the right thing to do. But diverse teams are only successful if they are also inclusive. 

Underrepresented team members you worked hard to recruit will leave if the environment they are working in is not inclusive. 



We believe action is more important than words

  • Move beyond "checking a box" on DEI 
  • Get past a compliance mentality, and start building an inclusive culture for all employees
  • Enable your employees to implement inclusion in their daily work


Why Use Equal Time? 

Implement your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 

Diverse teams need inclusive environments to thrive. Equal Time measures and improves day-to-day inclusion. 

Improve Team Performance 

Teams that work together better get more done. Accomplish your goals faster with improved teamwork and higher functioning.

Deliver Manager Training  

Real-time feedback is like a virtual leadership coach. Managers can  identify patterns in their interactions and improve leadership skills. 

Achieve Company Goals

Improve trust, healthy conflict, and accountability. Improve team performance and goal achievement.  

Retain Employees 

Create a culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging. Watch your employee lifetime retention increase. 


"This was the tool I was waiting for. It has been helpful for both internal and external meetings and has really shed light on the dynamics of these conversations. Very useful!"



"This extension helps me to track which voices take up a little too much "air time" during meetings with my staff. It helps build inclusivity, and it allows me to track who does not speak up as much during Google Meetings." 


Haverford School

"Wow! What a useful app. I always thought I was making space for my female colleagues, and this app was very enlightening in showing me that I could do more. I expect our productivity and collaboration will certainly increase!" 

Director of Business Development


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