Coaches and trainers working with executives, leaders, managers, and soon-to-be-leaders can all leverage the insights of Equal Time to save time, and improve their clients' experiences.

Set speaking time targets for your clients 

Ask clients to limit themselves to a certain percentage of speaking time in their next meeting. Improve their leadership with more active listening. Make it easy for your clients to do this by having them install Equal Time.

Review all your clients in one place 

See how all your clients are doing, and track their improvement, all from one dashboard. Don't look to multiple locations or search your email for the latest notes.


Auto-Alerting to issues that need your attention

We get it. Reviewing meetings - and even mtg transcripts - is too much work. Our platform highlights the troubling areas that you need to pay attention to so you won't miss a red flag. 

Security built in from day 1

Access your clients' meeting meta-data without having access to the content of the meeting to protect the privacy of your clients' sensitive conversations.

Equal Time is GDPR compliant and certified by the Cloud Security Alliance. Request our full privacy and security stance by emailing

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