Coaches and trainers can leverage the insights of Equal Time to save time, and improve their clients' experiences.



Spot low engagement to reduce churn

  • Track engagement of your clients easily and re-engage clients who are not participating to reduce churn.
  • Improve your facilitation and leadership skills.
  • Improve your active listening and coaching with Equal Time.

Track attendance and dropoff in webinars 

  • If you run group classes, webinars or coaching sessions, it is critical that you understand which clients are attending and which ones have low engagement so that you can re-engage them.
  • View an arrival and dropoff graph for each meeting 
  • Download a CSV that you can export to a CRM or marketing tool


Auto-Alerting to issues that need your attention

We get it. Reviewing meetings - and even mtg transcripts - is too much work. Our platform highlights the troubling areas that you need to pay attention to so you won't miss a red flag. 

Security built in from day 1

  • Access your clients' meeting meta-data without having access to the content of the meeting to protect the privacy of your clients' sensitive conversations.
  • Equal Time is GDPR compliant and certified by the Cloud Security Alliance. 

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