Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Increase representation among underrepresented groups — and drive an intersectional and inclusive experience for employees and senior leaders with Equal Time.

Easily hire diverse candidates 

  • Run inclusive interviews with a structured tool that helps recruiters and hiring managers give adequate speaking time to all candidates 
  • Allow hiring managers to review how candidates answered questions, promoting a more equitable comparison across candidates. 



Help under-represented employees achieve leadership positions 

  • Give employees a chance to share their ideas. People who share their ideas are more likely to get promoted.  
  • Eliminate office "housework" like note-taking, which often falls to women, and under-represented employees. Let Equal Time take notes, so they can fully participate.


Increase the retention of under-represented employees

  • The best way to retain employees is to make them feel welcome and included. 
  • Equal Time helps managers improve their listening skills which is correlated with higher retention rates of women, and under-represented employees.




Easily gain executive buy-in for DEI 

  • Show executives data about your organization's objective inclusion metrics, and accurately measure change.  
  • Help executives become champions of DEI by training them how to use Equal Time in their own meetings.


Immediately demonstrate your commitment to DEI 

  • Visibly show employees that you are taking action on diversity and inclusion, not just making PR statements. 
  • Provide an easy and accessible way for all employees to get involved with DEI.

Get long-lasting benefits that do not fade

  • Implement a tool that is easy to maintain, and generates ongoing value long term.
  • Unlike a one-time DEI training, Equal Time provides ongoing education and training for as long as your subscription lasts.




Ensure the highest  standard of privacy and security

  • Equal Time is proud to use the highest standards of security and privacy in our software development practices and data storage. 
  • Confidential, aggregate and anonymized data allows leadership to take action, but gives peace of mind to employees.
  • Download information below to share with your IT Manager.

How it Works

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Integrate with Google Calendar and Zoom 

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See Immediate Impact and More Inclusion Over Time 

Immediately start improving your meetings, interviews, and classes. Increase diversity within 3 months, and retention within 6 months.  

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