Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging


Bring data into your DEI program

  • Bring quantitative DEI data on inclusion into executive discussions and set OKRs
  • Analyze what is really happening in teams, even while working remotely 
  • See patterns in who gets the "floor" and who is interrupted in your company's virtual meetings

Implement a tool for inclusion 

  • Ensure diverse voices are being heard 
  • Help managers and employees continue improving their inclusive leadership skills 
  • Detect if (and where) problematic areas exist in your organization

  • Encourage active participation and high quality meetings.
  • Reduce "silent" participants in meetings to save company time (and money) and reduce unnecessary distractions.
  • Provide a fair chance for employees to speak, thereby giving them a greater chance at a promotion. 

Make DEI a part of daily work 

  • Bring self-awareness and inclusion into everyday meetings 
  • Break down silos between "DEI programming" and "normal work" 
  • Use a high visibility tool to gently remind employees of your commitment to inclusive values

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