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The Equal Time Chrome Extension allows Google Meet meeting participants to track meeting speaking time, interruptions, and monologues. Premium users can tracks trends over time and get real-time coaching.

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The Equal Time Zoom app allows meeting participants to track meeting speaking time, interruptions, and monologues. Track trends over time by gender and participant, and get real-time coaching to transform your meetings.

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We handle sensitive data, so privacy and security is a top priority for us.

Privacy. We safeguard your privacy by design. We collect only the minimum data necessary for you to use the application, physically isolate every company's data from each other, and will never sell or share personal information with a 3rd party without explicit, informed consent. Geographic data isolation. We do not collect personally identifiable information. We are 100% GDPR Compliant.

Security. We protect your data and defend against cybersecurity threats by encrypting all data at rest and in transit, restricting access to production resources, and logging all changes and access to production data. Our infrastructure is built on Microsoft Azure, and leverages its built-in security protocols and best-practices.

Training. All employees with access to customer data have had Privacy and Security training.

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