HR & Recruiters

Support the people in your organization with the #1 culture transformation tool that fosters inclusion. Use Equal Time in recruiting, onboarding, and throughout the employee experience. 

Provide diverse candidates a better interview experience

Run inclusive interviews with a structured tool that helps recruiters and hiring managers give adequate speaking time to all candidates.

Equal Time can support interviewers to ensure they do not speak too much in the interview, and improve their listening skills. 


Compare interview responses objectively 

One of the most important ways to increase diversity of new hires is to reduce bias in the interview process. The best practice is to align and parallelize your interviews. 

Use Equal Time to compare interview questions from each candidate so that you can fairly compare their responses.


Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to DEI

By implementing Equal Time, you show your support for DEI throughout the workday and in a seamless way while employees are working.