Equal Time for Google Meets Launches!


We have been busy at Equalicert and are very excited to announce a new release!

NEW: Free Equal Time Chrome Extension

We are very excited to announce the launch of the free Equalicert Equal Time on the Chrome Store! This is a plugin for all your google meet meetings. Support your team members, and lead amazing + inclusive meetings!

  • Visualize participant speaking time in virtual meetings
  • Use real-time data to invite quieter voices to speak up
  • Monitor interruptions and monologues that derail your meeting
  • Inclusion by gender

Ensure a healthy balance in the team and maintain a respectful conversation so that all voices are heard.

Research shows that inclusive behavior results in higher performance, happier employees, and greater employee retention.

In the coming weeks, we will create a coaching report for meeting participants so that they can reflect and gain self-awareness. Talk about effective L+D!

Next Steps

  • Install the Equal Time Chrome extension, available for free here!
  • Please sign up here if you would like to be alerted for when the Zoom and MS teams version is available.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn for updates