Equal Time nominated for the Norrsken Foundation Impact100 Award


We are thrilled to announce that Equal Time, a startup dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the workplace and classroom through improved virtual meetings, has been nominated for the Norrsken Foundation Impact100 list. This list recognizes startups that have the potential to impact one billion lives, and we are honored to be included among such a prestigious group of companies.

The Norrsken Foundation, an impact venture capital firm based in Sweden, announced the nomination of Equal Time on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square. This is a huge accomplishment for our team and we are grateful for the recognition of our mission to create more inclusive and equitable virtual environments.

At Equal Time, we understand that virtual meetings can often perpetuate biases and discrimination, and our platform aims to combat this by providing tools and resources for facilitators to promote equal participation and engagement among all attendees. This includes features such as real-time captioning, language translation, and breakout rooms for smaller discussions.

We believe that by creating more inclusive virtual spaces, we can help to break down barriers and promote greater understanding and collaboration among people from different backgrounds. We are excited to continue our work and strive towards our goal of impacting one billion lives.

Thank you to the Norrsken Foundation for this nomination and for their continued support of impact startups. We look forward to seeing the positive change that can be created when impactful companies like ours come together to make a difference in the world.