Equal Time vs Fathom


In the realm of conversation management and analysis tools, Equal Time and Fathom stand out, each bringing unique offerings to the table. These tools aid in managing and analyzing meetings, facilitating more efficient, effective, and inclusive conversations. This blog post presents a detailed comparison between the two, highlighting the unique features and benefits that give Equal Time an inclusive edge over Fathom.

Common Ground: Transcription and Analysis

Both Equal Time and Fathom provide robust meeting transcription services, capturing spoken words as text and supporting comprehensive analysis. This allows users to revisit discussions, track ideas, and evaluate contributions without the need for manual note-taking during meetings.

The Inclusion Focus: Equal Time's Unique Selling Point

Equal Time places a strong emphasis on promoting equity and inclusion in meetings. Its features are designed to foster an equitable distribution of speaking time, ensuring that all voices are heard, and no one individual dominates the conversation. This emphasis on inclusion extends beyond functionality to providing users with research-backed tips for improving their leadership and fostering greater inclusion within their teams.

Standout Features of Equal Time: Timer, Rounds, and Ice-breakers

Equal Time constantly innovates, introducing new features to further enhance inclusion and engagement within meetings. The Timer feature helps in effective time management, while the Rounds feature ensures that all participants get equal speaking opportunities. Additionally, the Ice-breakers feature offers creative conversation starters, injecting fun into meetings and fostering deeper connections within teams.

Fathom's Video Playback Advantage

While Equal Time leads in inclusion-focused features, Fathom offers the added benefit of video playback. This allows users to revisit meetings visually, a feature that Equal Time currently does not provide. However, Equal Time compensates by providing comprehensive speaking time analytics, showcasing who has spoken and for how long, a feature not offered by Fathom.


In summary, both Equal Time and Fathom offer valuable features for meeting transcription and analysis, but Equal Time differentiates itself with its dedicated commitment to equity and inclusion. Its unique features, such as Timer, Rounds, and Ice-breakers, combined with research-backed tips for improving leadership and inclusivity, make Equal Time a game-changer in the space. Whether you're an individual or part of a team, Equal Time can help you revolutionize your meetings and foster a more inclusive and equitable culture.