Equal Time vs Fireflies


In the sphere of automated meeting assistants, Equal Time and Fireflies.ai are both compelling platforms. Each tool offers unique features that transform the way users manage and analyze meetings. This blog post will delineate the key differences and features of Equal Time and Fireflies.ai, highlighting Equal Time's inclusive edge in facilitating equitable meetings.

Common Ground: Transcription and AI-Notes

Equal Time and Fireflies.ai both excel in providing accurate transcriptions and AI-generated notes. These features free users from the distractions of note-taking, enabling full participation in the meeting while ensuring essential points and insights are captured.

With Equal Time, you can easily share the meeting transcript and notes with colleagues, or meeting participants. 

Inclusive Edge: The Unique Focus of Equal Time

Where Equal Time shines is in its emphasis on equity and inclusion in meetings. Its innovative features are crafted to promote a balanced distribution of speaking time, thereby fostering an inclusive meeting environment. This dedication to inclusion extends to providing users with research-backed tips to enhance leadership skills and inclusion within their teams.

The Power of Inclusive Features: Equal Time's Specialty

Equal Time's unique features, including Timer and Rounds, ensure the equitable allocation of speaking time. Furthermore, the Ice-breakers feature encourages deeper connections within teams, enhancing meetings' effectiveness and enjoyment. This commitment to inclusion allows Equal Time to aid in higher retention of women and underrepresented individuals in organizations.


Fireflies.ai employs a tiered pricing model based on functionality and user requirements, while Equal Time is currently free for individual users. This approach makes Equal Time an accessible solution for individuals and teams aiming to improve their meeting efficiency and inclusiveness.

Conclusion: Equal Time is the better option for inclusive leaders

While both Equal Time and Fireflies.ai offer valuable features for meeting transcription and analysis, Equal Time distinguishes itself with its focus on fostering equity and inclusion in meetings. Its unique features, combined with research-backed tips for improving leadership and inclusivity, position Equal Time as a transformative tool in the meeting management landscape. Whether you're an individual, part of a team, or an organization, Equal Time can help to enrich your meetings and create a more inclusive and balanced dialogue.