How a global tech marketplace company accelerated DEI efforts with Equalicert



As a global organization that consciously strives for an inclusive and equitable culture, one of the world's largest tech marketplace providers decided to engage with Equalicert to accelerate their DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) strategy.

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DEI... Where to start?

The organization's People Operations team knew a conscious focus on diversity and inclusion was necessary and a long-term journey. With a global presence across several countries and hundreds of employees, it wasn't clear how to measure the current state of their organizational DEI health. Additionally, the team needed a mechanism to help prioritize opportunities that would result in the highest impact across the organization.

How HR Leveraged Equalicert

The Equalicert team audited HR Policies, ingested employee demographic data, and delivered a targeted survey to evaluate employee sentiment and feedback opportunities -- these core elements were centralized in an intuitive platform that provided transparency into what was needed to measure and drive DEI initiatives.

Equalicert's platform empowered the People Ops team with:

  • Robust analytics across representation, pay equity, hiring, turnover, advancement, employee sentiment

  • Industry benchmarks around representation

  • Targeted recommendations

The Results -- The Impact on DEI

Equalicert's dashboard assessed the state of DEI within the company, established a measurable baseline, and developed a roadmap of improvement. The People Ops team identified immediate issues, such as a 65% pay discrepancy for employees who disclosed a disability, gender pay equity issues of 37% in the Revenue department, and specific hiring process changes. Equalicert also identified success stories to share with employees, such as no observed racial pay gaps across the company. The dashboard helped provide easily digestible visuals that the team compiled into their following Town Hall company meeting, bringing a new level of transparency to the organization.

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