How to Measure Diversity and Inclusion


Have you ever wondered if your company is diverse and inclusive? Not sure if your organization is doing everything it could to ensure employees have a welcoming and inclusive environment? 

We are very proud and excited to release our comprehensive, expert-written DEI self-assessment. this is the result of dozens of hours of collaboration and writing and editing from a lot of very smart DEI people. We have decided to make it free and available since we think all organizations should have access to the information. Please download the self-assessment and use it to compare your HR policies and daily practices in 6 categories across 34 action items.

Who should measure diversity and inclusion?

Anyone who wants to benchmark where their organization is on their DEI journey and chart a path toward improvement. Founders, Investors, HR leaders, ERG members, and Business Leaders.

Equalicert's Self-Assessment for Diversity and Inclusion is terrific for inspecting your own HR policies and practices and seeing how you measure up. 

How can I access it? 

Click here to download Equalcicert's self-assessment:  How to measure diversity and inclusion in your organization. If you enjoy it, drop us a note at! 

This resource is part of Equalicert's Inclusive Workplace badge program.