On Amazon, 83% of US consumers prefer to buy an Inclusive Employer labeled HP printer


Regardless of gender or salary, 83% of US consumers surveyed decided to buy an HP printer labeled with Women-Inclusive Employer on Amazon when given an option to buy an identical one without the label. 

Printer listing with the label: 

Printer listing without the label

The survey included 60 random participants from the US.

  • All genders 
  • All salary levels
  • All states 
  • All political affiliations


from Survey conducted in March 2021


Here are some reasons why partipants chose the labeled product.

FEMALE / 26-35

"Products were the same however A was a women inclusive employer."

FEMALE / 46-55

"As a women inclusive employer I feel that the atmosphere of which I choose to patronize for my purchase would make me feel more comfortable about where my hard earned money is spent."


"The only difference is that one is sold by a "women inclusive employer". I don't think that company is probably much better than the other but perhaps marginally so."

MALE / 18-25

"Same products but I do have more respect for the one being sold by a women inclusive employer, more power to them."

Not all participants selected the label. 16% of participants were turned off from the label and actively chose the unlabeled product. This suggests more research should be done to craft a label, color and messaging that appeals to greater than 83% of the population.

Some reasons why partipants decided not to buy the label: 

Male / 18-25

"I just think the women inclusive employer thing as very tacky"

Male 46-55

"Because I do not support political statements in choosing products"

FEMALE 18-25

"I just chose the basic option as I have no idea when "Women-inclusive" would imply for this product."


We believe further research is needed to refine the optimal marketplace listing, messaging and coloring to broaden the appeal of the label on an online Marketplace.  Additionally, research is needed to combine this label with labels already used on Amazon for sellers using the "Climate Pledge Friendly" label.


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