Reviewing Questions in Meetings


In today's virtual work and learning environment, it's important to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to ask questions and participate in meetings. That's where Equal Time, an AI-powered app, comes in. In addition to providing a meeting transcript, AI-generated summary, and sentiment of the call, Equal Time can also provide a list of questions asked during the meeting. Here's how it can be used in different settings:

  1. Interviews: When conducting interviews, it's essential to ensure that all candidates have a fair chance to speak and that the interviewer is asking relevant and unbiased questions. Equal Time can be used to monitor speaking time and ensure that candidates are given equal opportunities to speak. Additionally, Equal Time can help identify any biases in the questions asked, ensuring that all candidates are evaluated on their skills and qualifications.

  2. Virtual classrooms: In virtual classrooms, both teachers and students can benefit from using Equal Time. Teachers can use it to monitor their own speaking time and ensure that all students have a chance to participate and ask questions. Students can use it to keep track of questions they may have missed or to review the content covered during the class.

  3. Webinars: In webinars, Equal Time can be used to track active participants and ensure that everyone has a chance to ask questions. Hosts can use it to identify questions that were missed or not fully addressed during the webinar and follow up with participants afterward.

Equal Time is a valuable tool for ensuring that virtual meetings and events are productive, unbiased, and inclusive. By providing a list of questions asked during the meeting, it allows for easier tracking and follow-up on important issues. Whether it's in interviews, virtual classrooms, or webinars, Equal Time can help ensure that everyone has a fair chance to speak and participate, ultimately leading to more productive and effective meetings.

If you already have Equal Time Premium, create your account or login and connect your Outlook or Google Calendar on Calendar Integration settings. After each meeting, log in to your dashboard to review questions asked. 

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