32% Higher Sales for SIM Card when Labeled as an Inclusive Workplace


In a research study with a representative sample of 504 European consumers who were shown identical products, 66.1% preferred to purchase an Equalicert Inclusive Workplace certified product as opposed to 33.9% who preferred an unlabelled product. This represents a statistically significant 32.14% higher purchase rate, compared to the expected 50% / 50% purchasing behavior for consumers shown 2 identical products. 

Here is an image of the control product offered in the test, garnering 33.9% purchase behavior.

And here is an image of the labeled product offered in the test, garnering 66% purchase behavior.

Some of the reasons given for the purchase behavior included a belief that the label would help others. 

The options are pretty much the same, I chose the one that has inclusive sticker because I thought it could be helpful for someone.

Other cited reasons included a belief that the label represented greater credibility.

 The inclusive logo on the page makes this listing look more legitimate.

Even when consumers might not understand the benefit of the label or exactly what it represents, there is a halo effect for the brand that yields greater purchasing behavior. 

They're the same except for the inclusive sticker so i went for the one with the inclusive sticker because it's a positive thing.

Not all consumers felt that the logo was a positive thing. 12% of consumers expressed skepticism about the label, or mistrust for what it represented. This shows there is work to be done to bring greater public awareness into this issue and build brand awareness. 

Overall, however, we are extremely optimistic about the statistically significant 32% lift in sales that this label provided in a test! 

This is a strong signal that consumer buying behavior is significantly influenced when companies have and communicate about their inclusive workplace culture. Similar to other ethical purchasing behaviors, consumers are ready to purchase with their values in mind when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

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