Equalicert Registry  

Find companies that are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Are you committed to going beyond "performative" DEI? Would you like your company to appear below as a recognized DEI leader? 

Commitment to inclusion

Leadership is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. Leaders have documented their commitment to DEI on their website.  

Anonymous feedback channels 

Every company uses regular anonymous employee surveys and has an "always open" anonymous feedback channel. 

Flexible Work Hours

Each company has defined regular working hours expectations and has adopted flexible working hours. 

Inclusive Meetings  

Employees use Equal Time in their meetings to ensure participants are listened to and given equal opprtunity to share their ideas.

Do not request previous pay

Hiring managers and recruiters are prohibited from asking about your previous pay. This ensures equitable pay from the start and levels the field for new hires. 

Preferred Pronoun Usage 

Employees at these companies use pronouns in email signatitres, Messaging programs (ex Slack) and Video Conferences. 

Inclusive Job Descriptions 

Companies include a statement of commitment to diversity and inclusion on all their job descriptions.

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