Network Partners

Witty is a digital writing assistant that supports inclusive language in all company communications. It's a SaaS-based application that is embedded in the writing and content creation workflow, which provides real-time guidance and suggestions. It also trains people on the go about bias and thus operationalizes inclusion.

parents@work enables companies to build up their own peer coaching program for parents, using existing resources - upskilling employees with coaching skills and equipping future leaders with new perspectives and increased empathy.

Multitudes provides insights and recommendations to build more effective and equitable product and engineering teams. They have an ethical team analytics tool that uses GitHub & other integrations to uncover everything from key DevOps metrics to who's missing out on feedback and who needs a check-in about burnout in their next 1:1. 

Metric provides sustainability and DEI management for high growth ventures. The platform measures performance, provides peer benchmarks, recommends improvement strategies, and complies with investor data requests. Create a free profile at