Inside sales, outbound sales, SQL creation, webinars, demos and client calls can all be improved with Equal Time. 

Stop yourself from over-talking 

Did you know - the optimal speaking time in a sales discovery call is just 20-30%? Most sales reps speak 50-70%, however, which severely harms their conversion rate. 

Ensure you stay in the optimal speaking time range. Equal Time monitors call participant speaking time in real-time and displays the data to you so you can adjust immediately.


Easy color coding so you don't have to think 

Easy color coded alerts in real-time help you stay in the optimal zone every time. 

Optimal ranges are adjusted for every type of call you will have.

  • Discovery calls 
  • Demo 
  • Closing 
  • Sales team meetings


Reporting for Sales Managers 

Equal Time offers sales leaders and managers customizable reporting so they can monitor their team's behavior. View all rep performance in calls where Equal Time was used. Hold them accountable and coach them for improved performance.  

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