Schools and Universities

Whether you are a K-12 teacher, a university faculty member, or a language instructor, there is no denying that attendance and participation tracking is a drag. 

One click attendance 

Taking attendance is one of the most crucial, yet mundane, aspects of teaching.  Now you can take attendance automatically with Equal Time for your virtual classrooms and online education.

After the class is over, get an email showing you everyone who attended, and if anyone was late. 

Review all your previous classes in your EqualTime dashboard. 

Manage student participation in real-time

If you struggle to keep track of who answered questions in your last class, or who you haven't heard from all month, Equal Time is here to help. 

Equal Time ensures you can see at a glance who participated in your current class. 

Coming Soon: See who did not participate in your last class so that you can call on them first. 

Make grading easier; review speaking trends retrospectively

Do you need to include participation in your grades? Rather than rely on your memory for who participated, Equal Time lets you review the objective data of how much they spoke in each class

Want to speak to someone about a school-wide implementation? Reach out to or book a demo here. We look forward to speaking with you!