We will share tests and success stories here 

In a research study with a representative sample of 504 European consumers who were shown identical products, 66.1% preferred to purchase an Equalicert Inclusive Workplace certified product as opposed to 33.9% who preferred an unlabelled product. This represents a statistically significant 32.14% higher purchase rate, compared to the expected 50%...

In a simulation test, 38% of participants were willing to pay 59 EUR/ mo for a Strava subscription when an Inclusive Workplace badge was displayed on the checkout page, as compared to paying 55 EUR/mo without the badge. This represents a strong interest in supporting an inclusive workplace, even if the price were 7% higher.

In a research survey, 20% consumers were willing to spend $10 more for a pair of Apple headphones when the item was labeled as an Equal Opportunity employer as compared to the identical set of headphones, without the certification.